Risk Mitigation Strategies

We produce very conservatively

  • All Dallas based shows are calculated at a 50% seating margin and NYC based shows are calculated at a 70% seating margin,

  • In Dallas, by producing 4 shows in one year, rather than just 1, we can spread out costs, deflect expenses and most importantly, reduce risks. 

  • Starting in 2020, each Broadway development company will have 1 show in production and simultaneously, 2-3 other shows in-development.

  • We will establish partnerships with “Mega-Ministries” so that we can utilize their 2000+ seat venues

  • Award Winning and Popular Shows will be specifically chosen to target Families and Faith Based Communities

  • Production Values will be 1st Tier and spectacular to leave audiences in awe

  • Every production will have a full Orchestra accompanying the Actors, Singers and Dancers at each performance

  • Respected Directors will be attached to each property we produce.

  • Celebrities and Top Professional Talent who are recognized globally will be hired in the lead roles

  • Award Nominated and Winning Designers will be attached to create awe-inspiring spectacle for the audiences

  • Award Winning and Popular Films will be turned into Broadway Shows targeted to appeal to global audiences.



We have a winning team that has over 100 years of collective experience.

Finally, the company mitigates risk and achieves maximum structure benefits through the managing of a 3-Sector Approach: 


  • The Operations Production Company | FeLo & Co Theatrical Productions, Inc.

  • The Theatrical Development Companies | Let There Be!, Bet on Black, Old is Gold, and Serendipity

  • The Single Producing Company | Each Show We Produce Title, LLC


Each Sector is budgeted and financed separately.  


Each development company will be established and organized to develop at least three and no less than twelve plays/musicals over the next ten years and each show we produce will be it's own LLC.  This approach will provide cleaner costing and taxation separation, as well as more flexible financing options for every show we produce thus delivering investors the greatest protection, and taxation benefits.  


By creating four different development companies, and a multiple sector approach, our investors and supporters will have a choice as to what type of theatrical content they wish to support plus operating clarity, clear accounting separation for all profit participants on each project, and critical production-to-production legal protection 

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