Whoever tells the best stories, shapes Culture. 

It is imperative that we as Christians have a seat at the creative tables on Broadway and in Hollywood! 
FeLo & Co Theatricals, is run by Christians, and we work in the Broadway arena as well as the local Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area to galvanize audiences, particularly Christian audiences so that the future of the theatrical arts through the next generation can become inspired enough to want to pursue the arts as a career where they can impact the culture with integrity and power from His Spirt.  As I have coined for over 20 years, an acronym – the ARTS – Artistic Restoration Thru (the) Spirit – this is what we will strive to do as a company, restore the Spirit through the stories of the musicals we will produce locally and on Broadway.


Felicia M. Lopes | Founder & CEO, FeLo & Co Theatrical Productions

Artistic Restoration Through (the) Spirit


Having worked on and off Broadway as well as in the Hollywood theatrical communities for over 20 years as a Producer and General Manager, I can say resoundingly that the reason most Christian artists are not participating in any significant capacity in the professional theatrical and film industry is that we Christians have abdicated our seat at the artistic and entertainment leadership tables because of our ignorant assumption that the performing arts are the “den of satan”.  Thus we cannot impact the culture in any significant or meaningful way.  Additionally too often we do not pursue excellence in the arts because we see it only as recreational.  We at FeLo & Co Theatricals see it as an opportunity to Re-Create and Impact Culture through the gift of the Performing Arts!

Art, by its very nature, is extremely personal to the individual creating it, and as such, an artist must reach deep inside of himself, into the very depths of his soul, to fully engage in the experience of creation.  There is a problem though, that has never been seriously addressed in most professional theatrical communities in the United States - Dallas being one of them.  There is no home for Theatrical Artists of Faith to fully merge and engage their faith in God with their artistic abilities and visions.


Creating a crossroads between the two worlds - the church and the theatre - has not been accomplished as yet, and as a result, artists of faith must make a choice - it’s either one or the other.  It’s either a church that’s doing drama to proselytize, in an artistically mediocre and unsatisfying way, or it’s a professional theatre that doesn’t address nor even recognize the faith element in the process of artistic expression.

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