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Do you love the performing arts or Broadway Musical Theatre?  

Have you reflected on the intersection of the Arts and Faith and would love to incorporate theatrical programming into your church's offerings?

If the answer is "Yes!" we may have an opportunity for you!


FeLo & Co Theatrical Productions, is a new North Dallas based professional, commercial theatre company.  We specialize in producing Broadway calibre musical theatre, complete with full orchestrations and professional actors, singers, and dancers both from NYC and the local Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

We plan on producing a Theatre Season featuring 4 MUSICAL THEATRE SHOWS each year.  In the 1st year we will produce 3 shows.  We need a venue that seats 2000, and has room to hold a full orchestra, appropriate space for dressing rooms for up to 30 actors, and space for sets and costumes.  We need to be allowed to run each of our shows 4-6 weeks, 6 shows per week at the facility.  From my research and from interviewing the Managing Director of an appropriate facility —The Richardson Performing Art Center, there is no such place in North Dallas, outside of a church. If your venue can accommodate near to or over 2000 people, coupled with the actual size of the platform, performance area, or stage, I believe that a Broadway caliber production would be an astonishing and inspiring way to point all who attend our performances back to the Lord!  It is the ultimate intersection of Faith and Art.

Would you consider becoming a Producing Pastor Partner with us, and let us utilize your venue for 4 to 6 weeks, one to four times a year to accomplish our greater mandate as outlined below?  


We have made the conscious determination to forge a place in the cultural marketplace for professional theatre artists to create, develop, and perform works in an environment that recognizes faith and encourages them to find the common ground between the intersection of their faith and art.  I realize that many Christians, especially here in Dallas, have not experienced the magic of the musical theatre, especially Broadway musical theatre, so I am reaching out to you for help in order to accomplish our goals.

We have a 2-fold mission as a company:

  • To create and produce musical theatre shows that are uplifting, encouraging family entertainment, chosen specifically for the faith based communities of Dallas Fort Worth, and

  • To create and produce new musical theatre works based on old Hollywood films, cultural icons, and underlying published materials slated for the Broadway stage in NYC.

The work we will do will NOT be a platform for preaching but for communication, discussion, hope and encouragement for all.  Below are some of the shows that we will be producing over the next 2-3 years in Dallas:

I, as the founder of this new company, personally have over 20 years of experience producing and managing major shows in New York City, consulting for Disney, both on The Lion King and for the soon to be finished Walt Disney World in Shanghai, and I hold the unique distinction of having held the position of General Manager of the Drama Desk Awards for 10 years.  I am an oddity in the NYC Professional Theatrical Industry, in that I am a born again Christian since the mid-80s, whereas most are Jewish or Agnostic in their philosophical orientation.  Feel free to learn more about my accomplishments at  My producing team and I collectively have over 100 years of experience.

Being back in Dallas for a little over a year now, I hear and feel the call of God upon my life to start a commercial, professional theatrical company located in North Dallas in order to empower this community through the performing arts  – which is the gifting He has given me.  There is nothing like LIVE THEATRE.  It inspires, explores, captivates, educates, and unifies an audience around a musical adventure that can be as fun as football on Monday night!  The benefits will be felt NOW and in the not so distant FUTURE.  The PERFORMING ARTS shape the CULTURE of our country, therefore it is time that Dallas played a SIGNIFICANT role in their development.  Many Broadway musicals have been the foundation of Hollywood films which means that the performing arts are considered to be a Cultural Mega-Phone to the entire world Talent and artistic foresight, does not have to come only from New York City and Hollywood.  The standard of artistic excellence and talent brought to North Dallas via your help as a Producing Pastor Partner will help establish the city’s cultural brand & build local and national attention around its thriving arts community.  One of our goals for North Dallas will be that we will build viable shows into in our repertoire that can be transferred from North Dallas to Broadway, with your church being recognized as the place that gave the show its World Premiere.  Finally, by producing work in North Dallas, we can develop this community’s next generation to one day be seen on global stages, thus impacting culture from an international perspective in the future.

The "product" we produce is the finished dramatic musical theatre production given to audiences to elicit Joy within a group dynamic.  We help audiences experience "Catharsis" or a Purging of Emotions - which leads to a change of thought or attitude, and ultimately a change in cultural perspectives locally, domestically and internationally. There is no theatre in Dallas - commercial or non-profit - that specializes in presenting and producing uplifting, encouraging family Broadway style musicals that have a faith component.  For the communities of North Dallas, this is detrimental to their growth and development as a people.  The Arts allows for the Spirit to be renewed as is so profoundly sung in the closing number of the Broadway show - Les Miserables:

What is offered, is relegated to a few professional venues, nearly an hour away with traffic going to and in Downtown Dallas (i.e., Dallas Theatre Center, Winspear Opera House, the Majestic, and Dallas Summer Musicals).  None allow outside producers to produce work on their stages. There are also several small non-profit theatres (no more than 350 seats) and many community (amateur) theatres, neither of which carries any real production values of which to speak and are definitively too small to accommodate an orchestra of 15-25. 


In closing, I hope that you will prayerfully consider allowing us to utilize/rent your venue so that we can accomplish our outlined initiatives.  Don’t hesitate to call me if you are interested in seeing uplifting, encouraging family entertainment that has a faith component produced in the North Dallas community as well as getting more information about becoming a Producing Pastor Partner.


I look forward to hearing from you soon!  Feel free to call me at 646.823.5189 for an informational interview.




Felicia M. Lopes

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