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You are receiving this Information Sheet because you have identified yourself as both a believer in Christ and someone who loves the Theatrical Arts.


We are a new professional commercial theatre company located in Dallas, TX.  We just launched our 1st Kickstarter Campaign to raise $125,000 Seed Money to build our production company. 


FeLo & Co Theatricals specializes in producing musical theatre featuring Broadway level production values coupled with full orchestrations that are memorable, uplifting, encouraging, and family oriented entertainment experiences — ultimately bringing JOY and Broadway Musicals to North Texas!  After this initial focus has been maximized fully, we will start creating and producing new Broadway bound musicals based on old Hollywood films, cultural icons, and underlying published materials for New York audiences.


We have made the conscious determination to forge a place in the cultural marketplace for professional theatre artists to create, develop, and perform works in an environment that recognizes Christ and encourages them to find the common ground between the intersection of their faith and art.  The work we will do will NOT be a platform for preaching but rather for communication, discussion, hope and encouragement for all.

Incidentally the first show we are doing is Children of Eden, by acclaimed playwright, Stephen Schwartz who wrote Wicked and Godspell Additionally, we hope that you will be interested in learning more about us so consider joining our mailing list and sign up to receive our monthly newsletter or our daily theatre, film and tv online - magazine – The Cultural Impact.  The FeLo & Co Theatricals Newsletter (starting 01/2016) will serve to update you about our company theatrical activities both in Dallas and in New York, and The Cultural Impact will keep you informed about all that’s happening in the world of entertainment globally on a daily basis.  


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We hope you will support us in our 30-Day Kickstarter Campaign.  Please take a moment and make your pledge today!


Theatrically yours

The FeLo & Co Management Team

Watch this short video and meet the team that's working to bring Professional Broadway Musical Theatre to North Texas!

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