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We are a professional commercial theatre company that specializes in producing musical theatre featuring Broadway level production values coupled with full orchestrations that are memorable, uplifting, encouraging, and family oriented entertainment experiences — ultimately bringing JOY and Broadway Musicals to North Dallas!  After this initial focus has been maximized fully, we will start creating and producing new Broadway bound musicals based on old Hollywood films, cultural icons, and underlying published materials for New York audiences.


We hope you will support us in our 30-Day Crowdfunding Campaign which starts next week!  We seek to raise $125,000 as Seed Money to build the 1st Commercial Theatrical Production Company in North Texas.  We need this money in order to begin activities to acquire the $5M Start Up Capital by May, 2016, so that our first show of four we have scheduled in Season 1, can open by September 2016.  Incidentally the first show we are doing is Children of Eden, by acclaimed playwright, Stephen Schwartz who wrote Wicked and Godspell!  


Additionally, we hope that you will be interested in learning more about us and what we will be offering to Dallas and New York audiences respectively as we grow as a company.  As we hate spam from unwanted sources, as we're sure you do too, we would appreciate it tremendously if you would take a moment to let us know if you want to receive future email correspondence regarding our progress on Kickstarter and other campaigns.  Therefore, just click here and sign up to receive our monthly newsletter or our daily theatre, film and tv online - magazine – The Cultural Impact.  The FeLo & Co Theatricals Newsletter (starting 01/2016) will serve to update you about our theatrical activities both in Dallas and in New York, and The Cultural Impact will keep you informed about all that’s happening in the world of entertainment globallyon a daily basis.  We promise that you will NOT be inundated with junk e-mail! 


Even if you just want to say hello and send “good vibes” to us, we look forward to hearing from you soon, and as we are interested in partnering with like-minded creative professionals in the theatre, per chance we can engage in further creative dialogue regarding shows in the future.  Please tell your friends about us, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and most importantly, don’t hesitate to spread the news that there’s a new production company in North Texas specializing in bringing its audiences Broadway musical theatre!

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